Oneplus 7: Bezel Less Display Slider Design Or Pop Up Selfie Camera

Credit: slashleaks

New image has seemingly shown off upcoming Oneplus 7. Featuring a bezal less screen and possibly a pop up camera or the sliding design. It has no notches.

Interesting, the front facing camera is nowhere to be seen on the oneplus 7. It is not known where the company will put the selfie camera, but it seems that Oneplus7 cool picture a pop up camera like the Vivo nex or sliding design like the MI Max 3.No matter how it look but one thing is clear that the oneplus 7T is going to be a step up from the Oneplus 6T in terms of design and aesthetics.


  • Screen : Bezel less
  • Selfie Camera: Pop up or sliding
  • Storage : UFS 3.0 having 2000 MB/s read speed

To keep up with the competition Oneplus is purportedly looking to employ the latest generation of the UFS 3.0 Technology in its upcoming flagship oneplus 7 T. This offers much faster read speeds than its previous which will speed up everything from opening apps savings image and loading High resolution video games.

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